For (50) fifty years after introducing television to the Philippines, ABS-CBN remains poised to break new ground in the field of broadcasting and to face the challenge of the new millennium. Since the phenomenal success of its post-EDSA (1986) re-launched operations, your network has branch out in other industry-related endeavors. All the while fortifying its creative and technical expertise with cutting-edge technology.

Now, in celebration of its golden years of unrelenting service to Filipinos worldwide, ABS-CBN opens its doors to dynamic, competent and goal-oriented individuals looking for career growth and personal advancement.

ABS-CBN offers a competitive compensation and benefits package as well as internal and external training for employees. It also offers an intensive training program for employees who might be interested to try their skills in the field of entertainment thru Career Internship Program or CIP.

Our people determine the future success of the company. We hire and retain the best and invest in the development of our human resources.

Here in ABS-CBN, everyone is encouraged to discover their potentials and be the best they can be.

Come and join our roster of high-caliber Kapamilyas…..

Explore our exciting world,

"For as long as there is somebody out there who needs a good laugh or cry, for as long as people continue to be inspired and moved by our images, for as long as man is free to imagine - wherever there is a Filipino, there will always be ABS-CBN".

- Eugenio Lopez III