Concentrix Philippines offers many exciting employment opportunities that will take you as far as your ambition and desire can go. We specialize in technical support and new technology-related project initiatives, and we are expanding our all center service capabilities. Information technology, sales, and marketing career opportunities are also available.

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We believe that our people are our most important asset. When you succeed, Concentrix succeeds as well. To enhance your professional and individual development, our two-year, 400-hour training program includes technical, soft skill and behavioral training as follows:
Technical training, including: Basic product support  Computer fundamentals  Network essentials  Product-specific   Wireless LAN technology  Layer 2/3 switches, VPN, PrintServer, Firewall technology  Operating systems, including Microsoft, Linux, and Mac  Microsoft/Cisco Certification (MCSA, MCSE, CCNA);
Soft-skill training: American culture  Accent neutralization  English language proficiency Customer relationship management;
Behavioral training: Career/personality development program  Leadership, management, and negotiation  Culture-building
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Career Development
With the Career Development System, a specific career advancement path is laid out. Successive training enhances your capabilities, with your overall performance determining future promotions.
Benefit and Incentive Programs
 Medical insurance  Life insurance (basic and supplemental)
 Accident insurance  Accidental death and dismemberment
  (basic and supplemental)  Paid time off  Holiday pay  Training
 Individual and group incentives
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Recruitment Process
Operations Provides inbound & technical support for U.S., Europe, and Asia-Pacific customers
1.   Initial Interview                    5 minutes
2.   Examination                        1 hour & 30 minutes
3.   Final Interview                     10 minutes
4.   Job/Training Offer               3 minute
Back Office Support HRD, Accounting, Admin, MIS, Training, Workforce, Quality Assurance, Marketing
1.   Initial Interview
2.   Examination (if applicable)
3.   In-depth Interview
4.   Final Interview
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Tips and Reminders for Applicants
Mastering the Job Interview The job interview may be your only opportunity to make a good impression, prepare thoroughly.
  Know as much as possible about the company — its products,
   services, and operations — before coming to the interview.
  Stay calm during the interview. Listen carefully and organize
   your thoughts before answering.
  Focus on the company's interests. Remember — you are
   there to convince the employer that you are the best person
   for the job — not to find out what the company can do for you.
  Ask questions about the company's direction, plan, and
   culture; job details and work expectations; and similar queries
   that show you are interested in the firm and position.
  Don't act desperate, apologetic, or overeager to please.
   Instead, maintain good posture, extend a firm handshake,
   and exude confidence.
Test-Taking Tips
  Inquire about the exam coverage and what you need to bring.
  Wear a wristwatch to help you keep track of time.
  Prepare yourself physically and mentally. Don't eat anything
   that can cause allergy or an upset stomach.
  Be at the venue at least 20 minutes ahead of schedule.
  Go to the comfort room right before the exam begins to avoid
   interruptions during the exam.
  Carefully read and follow the exam instructions and listen to
   the proctor.
  During the exam, work carefully but quickly. It helps to budget
   your time and not concentrate too long on any one item.
  If you have time left, go and review your answers. Make
   sure you have answered all items.
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