Position Assistant Manager - Crew Control
Work Location Pasay City
Date Posted Friday, July 13, 2012

  • Manages and oversees the day-to-day operation of the crew controllers function including the completeness of the personnel duty coverage, and the validation and adjustment of delay codes
  • Manages the development and maintenance of departmental processes, procedures and manuals relative to Crew Control and the use of its IT tools
  • Reviews and submits relevant documents regarding the performance of assigned subordinates
  • Performs routine validation of the completeness of the crew line-up with the flights sectors to be operated and the on-time maintenance of published crew rosters
  • Reviews and modifies the published crew pairings and published crew rosters to support the flight schedule changes such as additional flights, re-routing of flights, re-timing of flights or cancellation of flights arising from daily operational requirements
  • Ensures the consistent compliance to the relevant regulations and policies of all published crew pairings and published crew rosters as generated, maintained and revised by the crew controllers to support the operational requirements
  • Reviews and monitors the developments and consequences of flight re-timing, additional flights, flight re-routing, and/or flight cancellation requiring logistical support adjustment; e.g. hotel and transportation arrangement, deadhead/positioning crew booking, jump seat reservation, immigration and customs requirement liaising, etc.
  • Coordinates with other department representatives in handling and resolving the Crewing Department’s operational concerns affecting the quality of published crew pairings and published crew rosters, the on-time departure of flights and, the regulation and policy compliance of the department in performing its responsibilities.
  • Leads the crew controller/s in re-generating optimized crew pairings and crew rosters, incorporating revised crew trainings and checks, leaves and other absences, crew document renewal, and special instructions and/or limitations.
  • Leads the crew controller/s in the regular validation of crew qualification and documents, crew roster remarks, crew block hour distribution, and the regular on-time release and submission of reports/documents required daily
  • Leads the crew planner/s in the analysis and validation of short-term crew requirement definition based on approved flight schedule.
  • Leads the crew controller/s in identifying areas of improvement in performing its responsibilities.
  • Performs quality assurance check for all reports to be generated and submitted by the department including the requests for seat blockings and catering uplift.
  • Leads the crew controller/s in performing regular maintenance and update of the department’s records and systems; e.g. ARMS CC, ARMS TechLog, MS Outlook team boxes, files, manuals, records (paper and electronic copies).
  • Manage and handle communication with other department representative concerning reports; e.g. journey reports, inquiry / investigation, etc.
  • Manages the training and standardization of crew controller/s in performing heir respective duties based on current policies and procedures.
  • Takes over the duty of crew controller as the case maybe.
  • Keeps the Manager of Crewing Department always informed about important, crucial and critical information.
  • Presents to the Manager of Crewing Department proposals and ideas to improve the existing processes, procedures and documentations.
  • Performs other duty as may be assigned by the Manager of Crewing Department

  • Must have a minimum of 4 years airline crew scheduling, planning and controlling experience including 3 years in Crew Control capacity.
  • Must be experienced in developing short, mid and long-range crew resource planning.
  • Must have working knowledge about inter-relationships of airline functions and, business and systems planning.
  • Must have good proficiency in office productivity software products.
  • Preferably with a degree in Computer Science or Mathematics or Airline Management related course.

Sorry, this position is closed for application.

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