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From a small corner drugstore, United Laboratories, Inc. (UNILAB) has grown to become the country’s leading pharmaceutical company with over 20 percent market share in an industry dominated by the world's biggest pharmaceutical multinationals.

Unilab develops, manufactures, and markets over 300 prescription and consumer health


brands covering the major therapeutic categories from common illnesses, like cough, colds, pain, allergy, and fever, to diseases like hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, asthma, infections, tuberculosis, ulcer, anemia, and cancer.

Many of Unilab’s products are now leading brands in the Philippines , with a few recognized leaders even in Southeast Asia . Unilab’s products are made available under the umbrella of Unilab’s twin advocacy programs – Pharmacoeconomics and Pharmacovigilance – which ensure the efficacy, safety, and affordability of Unilab’s healthcare products.

Aside from the Philippines , Unilab operates in ten other countries in Southeast Asia : Cambodia , China , Hong Kong , Indonesia , Laos , Malaysia , Myanmar , Singapore , Sri Lanka , Thailand , and Veitnam. The major Unilab manufacturing complex in Metro Manila has been cited by international health organizations as one of the finest in Asia . A new and state-of-the-art manufacturing complex has been inaugurated, which will exceed the current facility in both scale and technical capability -- a clear evidence of Unilab's sustained commitment to product quality, operational excellence, and continuing improvement.


UNILAB continues to be recognized by various respected groups of professionals, which cite the company for its commitment and dedication to continuously raise the standards in the pharmaceutical industry.

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  While Unilab offers challenging and fulfilling career opportunities, it also supports its employees with programs that help them enjoy all that matters most in their lives. Life Matters, its work-life balance program, captures what Unilab is all about, what it stands for, and what it values most – the LIFE of its employees.  

Life Matters offers year-round engaging and creative programs that empower employees to build and channel energies into what matters most in their lives. Work-life balance themes touch on the essentials of life planning, workplace productivity, health & fitness, family and relationships.

Life Matters is about helping each other become physically energized, emotionally connected, mentally focused, and spiritually aligned so as to lead more productive and fulfilling professional and personal lives.



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