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Welcome to Philam Life's Talent Databank
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As the largest life insurance company in the Philippines and the market leader for over 60 years, Philam Life is constantly looking for individuals who will fit
our business requirements in various departments and help us continue to exceed expectations and move fast forward.

To join your department of choice, you may browse through the links below:

Accounting / Finance Accounting / Finance

Our Accounting and Finance professionals are responsible for gathering, recording, analyzing and distributing data about the company's financial operations. They establish a system of accounts and are responsible for bookkeeping. They are also tasked to prepare and analyze financial statements and the company's operating costs.
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Audit / Legal and Compliance Audit / Legal and Compliance

Our Audit team is responsible for conducting financial and operational reviews. They ensure that operational procedures and policies are sound and followed.

Our Legal and Compliance professionals handle all legal matters for the company. Company lawyers represent the company during claims disputes and other litigation. They review policy forms, agency and business contracts, and other legal documents used by the company.
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Actuarial Actuarial

An Actuary is a professional trained to analyze risks and uncertain events, and to design and manage programs which reduce the adverse financial impact of such events. Our Philam Life Actuaries play an important role in the design and pricing of our insurance products. They keep track of the financial performance of the company's insurance portfolio, and conduct studies to monitor current experience and anticipate adverse risk.
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Marketing Marketing

Our Marketing team is responsible for building Philam Life's brand equity, creating awareness for the need for insurance, delivering product innovations that meet customers' needs and defining the desired customer experience that builds customer loyalty and advocacy. Their task involves strategic marketing, research/data analysis, advertising, promotion campaign development/execution, creative communications, events management, customer segment business management, customer value management, and product development.
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Information Technology Information Technology

Our Information Technology professionals manage the company's I.T. systems by developing and maintaining programs and other technological resources and infrastructure that support our company and affiliates in attaining their respective business objectives.

On the application and systems side, our IT staff are involved in business analysis, systems design and development and programming. On the other hand, the computer operations and technical support personnel manage the technical infrastructure and data center. These technical professionals and engineers are at the front-lines of operations, ensuring the 24/ 7 availability of the telecommunications and information systems to employees and partners from various locations. These would include the operations of equipment like mainframes, servers, desktops, telephone and PBXs, network switches and routers.
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Underwriting Underwriting

Our Underwriters are heavily involved in risk analysis and management. They analyze information in insurance applications, medical records, financial accounts and other reference documents in order to determine if an individual or a group can be covered by our insurance policy. They make important decisions regarding policy issuance and premium charging.
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Human Resources Human Resources

Our Human Resources team is responsible for ensuring that the company attracts, retains and develops competent employees by providing competitive financial compensation and promoting opportunities for professional advancement. They manage recruitment, compensation and benefits, performance management, training and development and labor and employee relations.
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Sales Sales

Our Agency Sales professionals ensure that we build and maintain a top-caliber agency force in the country. They recruit and train new agents and employees of other distribution systems, coordinate the licensing requirements of agents and design and implement their compensation structure and incentive programs. They cascade the marketing programs and events to the agents and ensure their participation and support. They evaluate and monitor the performance of our agency force to guarantee the achievement of the company targets.
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Others Others

Philam Life is a diverse organization with a lot of opportunities for career growth and satisfaction. If you don't find any open position that suits your qualifications, you can submit your resumé here and we will determine if your qualifications fit any of our requirements.
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