Handyman is one of the country’s largest hardware and home improvement stores. Established in 1984, it now has 58 branches nationwide and plans to open more stores in the coming years. In 2002, it became a member of the Do It Best Corporation, the third biggest hardware cooperative in the US. Today, as Handyman Do It Best, it has access to thousands of affordable, high-quality imported hardware and merchandise.

In line with its commitment to empower Filipinos to become self-reliant, Handyman currently has two retail formats catering to specific markets.

Handyman Do It Best Home Center is a one-stop shop for homeowners, small project owners, and DIY enthusiasts, carrying a variety of tools and products that can help customers improve their spaces with ease and convenience.

Handyman Do It Center, follows a warehouse template and carries an expanded range of merchandise that can supply the needs of an expanded market of contractors and designers.

A one-stop shop for DIY enthusiasts, homebuilders and even contractors and designers, Handyman carries the essential tools and building materials for both professional and recreational home improvement projects.